Class 11 maths ncert solutions is providing free ncert solutions from classes 1st to 12thIn class 11 mathematics is one of the most important subjects. We provide sound knowledge and understanding of all important concepts covered in each chapter in the Class 11 Maths NCERT textbook. There are 16 important chapters from the NCERT textbook. Both problems and their detailed solutions are provided. The solutions have been devised by India’s best teachers to help students grasp basic concepts better and faster.

NCERT Solutions for class 11 maths- All Chapters

Following are the chapters covered for class 11 mathematics. The solutions are provided exercise-wise to ensure student-friendly content. Click on the chapter to get its solutions.

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Chapter 1 – Sets

In NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Maths Chapter 1 Sets, you will learn about the description of a Set, types of sets, subsets, concepts of subsets, Venn Diagrams, Operations on Sets using Venn Diagrams, Laws of Algebra of sets, some important results on a number of elements in sets.

Chapter 2 – Relations and Functions

In NCERT Solutions for Class 11 maths chapter 2 relations and functions, we learn about ordered pair, a cartesian product of sets, relations, representation of a relation, function as a special kind of relation, function as a correspondence, equal functions, real functions, domain of real functions, some standard real functions and their graphs, operations on real functions.

Chapter 3 – Trigonometric Functions

Chapter 4 – Principle of Mathematical Induction

Chapter 5 – Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations

Chapter 6 – Linear Inequalities

Chapter 7 – Permutation and Combinations

Chapter 8 – Binomial Theorem

Chapter 9 – Sequences and Series

Chapter 10 – Straight Lines

Chapter 11 Conic Sections

Chapter 12 – Introduction to Three Dimensional Geometry

Chapter 13 – Limits and Derivatives

Chapter 14 – Mathematical Reasoning

Chapter 15 – Statistics

Chapter 16 – Probability

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